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MediationWorks of North Carolina
and Your Family

Separation and divorce, particularly when children and financial assets are involved, are challenging life transitions. Mediation is ideally suited to helping individuals work through financial and child-related issues in a cooperative rather than adversarial manner.

Mediation can help parents develop a healthy, lifelong working relationship that best supports the emotional and financial needs of their children.

Mediation facilitates the healing process by

  • creating a safe, confidential space for working through difficult, and often emotionally charged, decisions
  • promoting healthy communication skills
  • encouraging mutual understanding between participants
  • seeking win/win solutions that meet all parties’ needs and interests to the greatest extent possible

Mediation can help create workable agreements for

  • asset distribution
  • debt allocation
  • parenting plans, including
    —living arrangements
    —financial support
    —child-rearing/discipline approaches